“I love working for Absolutely The Best In Home and Consumer Directed Services!! I tell all my friends to bring their loved ones here because this company takes good care of my mother AND me”.

– Alma, PCA

“My dad has always stopped everything to take care of me, that’s why as he aged, it was very important to me to make sure he did so in comfort. So I moved back in with my family just to help out. Unfortunately, my dad passed before I ever heard of a CDS program, but because I know the founders of this company, if my dad were with me today, I’d sign him up for this program with absolutely the best”.

– Supporter

(This program isn’t just for the elderly) “I’m not even old enough to drink, but I guess anyone at any age can become disabled. I’ve learned to live with it, I use to play it off around my friends and I learned how to laugh at myself around young ladies. We have a good time and go on about our business. My sister and I are really close, so she is always on me about taking care of myself. If I oversleep she is bamming on the door, not just to make sure I didn’t oversleep, but she’s checking to make sure I didn’t die. Well, mom thought it would help everyone relax if I got a caregiver, so we were all really happy when the state approved me for the program where a relative can be my caregiver. My sister jumped at the chance to do it, I mean why not, she was doing it anyway!! But I feel proud that now she can at least make a living from it &It makes me feel like less of a burden to her and my mom”.

– H

“I used to be very vibrant, but after my open heart surgery, I became very weak. I am too young to be in a nursing home, so I tried to make it on my own. But I heard about this CDS program and decided to let my niece help me. It didn’t work out with my niece, so my daughter took over. It has really helped me keep some normalcy in my life because I still feel like me. I’m living in my own home, and having my daughter instead of some stranger getting paid to help me just made me feel even more at peace, thanks Absolutely The Best In Home & Consumer Directed Services for coming into our lives”.

– Kim

“I had just about given up on getting services for my husband but a friend told me about Absolutely the Best and I decided to try one more time. I started off being rude and nasty to the representative {Lacy} because I wanted to test her. She remained patient and helped me throughout the process. Once I knew that she was there to take her time with me regardless of how nasty I was towards her, I dropped my guard and knew I had gone to the right place”.

– A Loving Wife